Cheap Domain Name Registration

Strategies for a Cheap Domain Name Registration

After choosing a web hosting provider for your site, the very next task to do is domain name registration. There are some who prefer to avail web hosting plans that includes, in particular, offer of free domain along with hosting. Yet, there are some who realize that it’s no good long-term to have the same provider offering dual services.

The big question is what are the trusted sources to get domain names? Considering cost, support and customer experience, what are the best domain name registrars that can offer their customers a great deal?

Well, here’s what you should do to secure a cheap Domain name registration.

How to seek out for the best domain name registrar?

When it comes to define the best domain name registrar, they say, “A company that provides Top Level Domains (TLD) at reasonable price with enhanced security“. Likewise, you will need a dedicated customer support and a simple user-interface too. Straightforwardly, it is better to buy domain names from ICANN-accredited domain registrars.

Watch out for policies

Apart from it, don’t overlook their domains transfer policy. Any issue may arise and lead you to transfer your domain to another domain registration company. This depicts the fact that before you make a purchase, carefully read their policies.

Don’t break the bank!

Before buying domain name of your choice, you need to do a thorough study of pricing. Go through the pricing plans of the top-level domains (TLD) offered by several domain registrars. For how long you need to remain in their agreement, enquire into the renewal costs, domain transfer fee, WHOIS registration, email accounts, privacy protection and other extra charges. Moreover, you must look over the final cost of the overall domain name registration procedure, including security, privacy and certifications.

Customer support

Undoubtedly, customer support is the most crucial factor to concern, regardless of what type of service you’re looking for. In the end, all of us need support at right time. It must be responsive and available at all times. For this, it is better to scan support policies. Read reviews and testimonials from previous customers to know how much support they could offer to their customers.

Top Domain Name Registration companies of 2018

  • Namecheap
  • GoDaddy
  • Enom
  • com
  • com
  • DreamHost
  • com
  • iPage


Precede the domain name registration procedure from the one that interests the best.

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