Domain Registrar Shouldn't Be Same

Reasons Why Your Web Hosting Provider and Domain Registrar Shouldn’t Be Same

When you have so many web hosting options to select from, you may get confused and overwhelmed. And it seems natural to opt for a package that makes sense to you. It’s understandable that you want to keep web hosting and domain name registrar in same place to avoid mess. But, we believe it as a horrible idea.

Outlined below are some reasons to prove that registering domain names with your web hosting company can be a faulty decision.

  • Let’s say, if you get nutty at your web hosting provider due to frequent website downtime and you decide to make a switch. In such case, you will need to transfer your domain name as well. While the fact is domain transfer procedures are more likely to be hectic, annoying and time consuming during such situations. Think about it. If you didn’t allow the same web hosting company to be your domain name registrar, things would be different. Let’s say, you registered it elsewhere, you don’t need to do much. Just update your DNS settings and specify it to the new host.
  • Also many web hosting companies tend to provide few top level domains (TLD) to select from as compare to a dedicated domain names provider.
  • If your dual services provider lacks the multi-step authentication, it may cause a data breach. Hackers can easily access your web content and may transfer your domain name elsewhere. This way you might end up losing your domain name.
  • What happens if you forget to renew your domain name registration and web hosting service? Or what if both of these services expire on the same date? There are some web hosting providers that will update users before renewal. Yet, there are some who will love to grab this opportunity and will make the situation worse if you don’t own trademark for that domain name. Using a separate domain name registrar can help you find a way better around in first place.


For many, it is easier to keep all their stuff in same place. They just need to maintain one set of login details and keep up with one provider’s technical staff. However, keeping your both services under one roof is not such a good idea as mentioned above.

It’s recommended to choose a different provider to register your domain name instead of the same provider that maintains your website’s files.

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